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Pallet Rack

Pallet Racks from The Surplus WarehousePallet rack is sold by the piece.  Beams are quoted per piece and are typically sold in pairs.



Uprights           Beams
Length Priced From Length Priced From
8’   $45.00 8’  $17.95
10’   $50.00 9’  $22.95
12’ $60.00 10’ $25.95
16’ $80.00 11’ $29.95
20’ $100.00 12’ $35.95


Item Priced From
Wire Mesh decks $9.50
Row Spacers $1.50
Column Protectors $5.00
Guard Rail Call
Guide Rail Call


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A standard section of shelving comes with 5 shelves as well as the appropriate hardware and braces to assemble the unit.  Sections are typically “Open style” , but “Closed style” units may be available at little or no additional charge.  Section heights vary depending on availability.  Prices quoted assume 5 or more sections in a row.


Shelving from The Surplus Warehouse
Size 5 Shelf
Sections From
12" x 36" $50.00 $6.50
18” x 36”  $55.00 $7.50
18” x 48”    $65.00 $9.00
24” x 36”    $60.00 $8.50
24” x 48”   $70.00 $9.50



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Pallet Racks from the Surplus WarehousePallet Jacks


New 27” x 48”
5,500 lb. capacity      $324.00

Other Sizes Available –
CALL with your requirement



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Current Pricing
Our Inventory Changes Daily! Call 215-755-7000 to discuss your needs.



Used Equipment Buying Tips


Some customers indicate that they must have a certain size, brand, color, etc. when something slightly different will work just as well.


Instead of a standard size item, one that is slightly longer or shorter may work just as well and cost you less money!


Our inventory changes constantly and there is always something that we want to get rid of!


Let us know what you want. We are in and out of warehouses and distribution facilities all the time and might know where it can be found. We have a national network of dealers to help us locate items that are not currently in stock.


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  Store more easily and efficiently with pallet racks from The Surplus Warehouse. For your warehouse, manufacturing facility, retail center, storage or distribution facility, we have many varieties of pallet rack available. From Interlake teardrop pallet racks to steel shelving storage systems and wire mesh decking, The Surplus Warehouse has what you’re looking for at a price you can afford. Need help in determining what type of pallet rack is best for your facility? Our consultants will go on location to evaluate your operation and recommend the pallet racking system that makes better use of space, enhances product flow, and complies with customer specifications. If your facility is located in Pennsylvania (PA), New Jersey (NJ), Delaware (DE), or Maryland (MD), contact us at 215-755-7000 to schedule a consultation today.  

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