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Types of Storage Rack


Types of Used and New Pallet Storage Rack
from The Surplus Warehouse

New and Used Pallet Storage Rack at The Surplus WarehousePallet rack and pallet storage rack systems support the warehouse and industrial operations of companies around the globe. The Surplus Warehouse, a leading material handling and pallet rack dealer located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, supplies many different types of used and new pallet rack and pallet rack shelving accessories for the most efficient storing of pallets. Contact us with your load characteristics and we’ll find and install the pallet rack that is best suited for your application.


Structural Versus Roll-formed
(roll-form) Pallet Rack

Structural Storage Racks st The Surplus WarehouseTraditional roll-formed pallet rack offers high strength and durability when loaded under the proper conditions. Structural pallet rack is capable of withstanding extreme wear and tear in the toughest of environments. Roll-formed pallet rack is typically easier to install than structural rack. Most roll-formed brands of pallet rack feature connectors that allow beams and uprights to join easily. Typically, structural pallet rack utilizes nuts and bolts to fasten beams to uprights. Some feel that this fastening system is superior to roll-formed systems despite the fact that it may take more time to install or remove a structural rack system.


For more information on the different types of pallet rack we offer, contact The Surplus Warehouse by email at or (215) 755-7000 to discuss your needs.

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Our Inventory Changes Daily! Call 215-755-7000 to discuss your needs.


Types of Pallet Rack Available for Immediate Installation Include:

Selective Pallet Rack - offers access to every pallet stored and is the most commonly used pallet racking system found in industrial and warehouse operations around the world. Without having to move other pallets, selective pallet rack enables direct access to stored product.


Drive-in Pallet Rack – takes maximum advantage of available space by minimizing the number of aisles in a warehouse. Drive-in rack is ideal for storage of products when rotation is not a crucial factor. It is recommended for warehouses where a high number of pallets per individual article exist, as each aisle is dedicated to a single article. A minimum number of aisles are needed for forklifts to maneuver in a drive-in pallet rack system, allowing most of the available floor plan to be used for storage.


Drive Through Pallet Rack – is suitable for applications where a large amount of similar items can be stored in a single aisle. Unlike drive-in rack, drive-through pallet rack allows a customer access to product on a first-in, first-out basis. Drive the forklift or pallet truck between uprights on either side of the rack to pick up, move, or pull out pallet loads.


Pushback Pallet Rack – offers the same storage density as drive-in and drive-through racks, but greater selectivity. All loads are stored and retrieved from the aisle. To store product with this racking system, simply place pallets by forklift on nested carts that ride on inclined rails and then push back with subsequent pallet loads. To remove product, use a forklift to take out the front pallet and allow the pallets on carts that were kept behind to roll forward. One objective of pushback rack systems is to eliminate empty pick faces. The ideal application for pushback rack is where all loads in a lane are identical and first-in, first-out stock rotation is not crucial.

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As Philadelphia’s leader in warehouse shelving systems, The Surplus Warehouse not only supplies heavy duty industrial shelving, but they also buy and trade used materials from companies, and will come dismantle and remove the units whether it’s warehouse racks or industrial steel shelving.  Warehouse storage racks will not only protect and store your product, but productivity will increase when all your materials are organized and accessible.  Industrial shelving can also turn a smaller warehouse space into an efficient storage unit.   Whether it’s a large warehouse space filled with smaller products or a small space for larger products, let The Surplus Warehouse find the storage system that’s right for you.  If you’re in the Pennsylvania (PA), New Jersey (NJ), Delaware (DE) or Maryland (MD) area, why not visit the facility in Philadelphia to see what’s currently in stock.


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