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Types of Storage Rack


Flow Storage Rack from
The Surplus Warehouse

Flow Storage Racks from The Surplus WarehouseNeed first-in, first-out access to perishable or time-sensitive products? Want a rack system to achieve a high level of storage density? Then industrial flow storage rack from Philadelphia’s leading material handling dealer, The Surplus Warehouse, may be the solution. Limited only by the size of your facility, flow rack storage systems offer automatic first-in, first-out product rotation and unsurpassed storage density. For more information on available options, contact The Surplus Warehouse at (215) 755-7000 or or simply read on.


Gravity Flow Rack

Gravity Flow Racks from The Surplus WarehouseGravity flow rack uses inclined shelves equipped with roller tracks to move product by gravity from the restocking to the picking side of the system. One carton or pallet of each line item is located on the pick face, which means that a large number of SKU’s are presented to the picker in a relatively small space. Picking time can be drastically reduced, which increases efficiency in the operation and offers significant labor savings. Accommodating the slowest and fastest movers of pallets, or odd-shaped cartons, bins, or merchandise, gravity flow rack systems are ideal for supplying product to order picking, sorting, or distribution operations.


With industrial flow rack storage systems, less time is spent walking and searching for product, which means less labor and fewer aisles are needed to reach the same amount of product, which means less floor space is required. Save time, labor, and space with used or new flow storage rack systems from The Surplus Warehouse. Call or email now.

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Our Inventory Changes Daily! Call 215-755-7000 to discuss your needs.


Types of Gravity Flow Rack

Carton Flow Rack - resembles pushback pallet rack, however, carton flow rack accepts deposited loads, typically boxes, cases, or bins, on one side of an inclined shelf and allows them to flow gently to the other like a conveyor within a rack structure. Carton flow rack systems are best suited for applications where cartons positioned at the front are the first to be picked while the ones behind are reserve storage. Carton flow shelves are available in a variety of sizes and configurations suited for different applications. For instance, they can be configured with pallet storage above the shelves to better utilize space in a warehouse and provide quick access to replenishment items.

Pallet Flow Rack - acts like a conveyor for advancing pallets forward by storing pallets at an angle on lanes equipped with frames and built-in wheels. Since pallets flow down the tracks to the face of the rack, empty slots at the rear are replenished without sacrificing stock rotation or interrupting order picking. Pallet flow rack systems are typically used for picking cases in high volume, fast moving applications.

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  If you’re closing, relocating, or changing warehouse operations and don’t know what to do with all of your pallet racks, contact The Surplus Warehouse. We buy, dismantle, and remove second hand, used pallet racking, which not only relieves the headache associated with these issues, but puts money back in your pocket. Think your warehouse is too large or too small to liquidate? Serving customers in the greater Philadelphia area, New Jersey (NJ), Delaware (DE), and Maryland (MD), The Surplus Warehouse purchases materials in as small as a truckload quantity and as large as a 1,000,000 sq. ft. facility. Once we acquire the used pallet rack, we run full inspection and repair services to ensure the pieces that we resell demonstrate the same durability as they did when they were originally purchased. Leave it to The Surplus Warehouse to help you clear your warehouse, manufacturing facility, retail center, storage or distribution facility so that the transition is as easy and hassle-free as possible.  

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