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Teardrop Style Pallet Rack from

The Surplus Warehouse

Teardrop Style Pallet Rack from The Surplus WarehouseThe Surplus Warehouse, Philadelphia’s largest material handling dealer and pallet rack supplier, buys, sells, and trades a huge selection of used and new teardrop style pallet racks. Whether you need new or replacement teardrop rack components, an entire teardrop style rack system, or you need to remove an existing teardrop pallet rack system before you move to another facility, we can help. For all your needs, The Surplus Warehouse is there to meet and exceed them. Contact a Surplus Warehouse representative with any questions you may have or to request a quote for used or new teardrop style pallet rack.


Features of Teardrop Style Pallet Rack

Teardrop Style Pallet Rack from The Surplus WarehouseEasily the most common style of pallet racking on the market today, teardrop pallet racks feature unique designs that allow for increased strength and efficient installation. Teardrop uprights are punched with a double row of teardrop-shaped holes and are adjustable in 2” increments that allow for maximum versatility and adjustability. Simply slide the beam into place and adjust as necessary to fit the height requirements of your stored materials. Teardrop racks are produced by several manufacturers including Interlake, USP, Mecalux, Husky, Kingway, Auto-Lok, Speedrack, Bulldog, and Unarco. The experts at The Surplus Warehouse understand the idiosyncrasies and compatibility issues associated with various brands and can advise a customer on the proper teardrop style components to fit a particular requirement.


Why Choose The Surplus Warehouse?

All of the teardrop pallet racks we offer are thoroughly inspected to ensure strength and stability for the extent of their intended use. Our wide range of teardrop style pallet racks can be used together providing many options for configuring several different brands of pallet rack. Upon request, we can assist in the layout of your configuration for the best use of your working space.


See our Pallet Rack Identifier for an image of the teardrop-shaped holes. With this tool you can compare and contrast each pallet rack style to determine which one is best for your application. Also see Types of Storage Rack for detailed information on the varieties available to you. Our inventory of teardrop racks is constantly evolving. Call The Surplus Warehouse with your requirements and we’ll search our inventory for the optimum fit.

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Our Inventory Changes Daily! Call 215-755-7000 to discuss your needs.
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Advantages of
Teardrop Style Pallet Rack

Very easy to assemble

High strength and durability

Several brands available

Maximum versatility and adjustability


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If you’re looking for ways to optimize warehouse floor space, organization and inventory processes while reducing downtime and product damage, having an industrial storage rack may be the solution for you.  The Surplus Warehouse offers used industrial storage racks to companies that want to increase productivity.  How can a storage rack do that?  By storing materials, products are available when needed, and production can operate more efficiently when products are organized and out of the way.  There are many different types of industrial racking, and the experts at The Surplus Warehouse in Philadelphia, PA can help you find the one that’s right for you.  Whether in the greater Philadelphia area, or across the east coast in New Jersey (NJ), Delaware (DE) or Maryland (MD), contact The Surplus Warehouse today for a consultation, and see for yourself what a difference industrial storage can make for your company.


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