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Our Case Studies Prove Why We
Maintain a Leadership Position in the
Material Handling Industry

Unlike a traditional material handling company that is not equipped to handling all the needs of today’s customers, The Surplus Warehouse specializes in both used and new equipment and can provide customers with the precise setup they need to improve efficiency. We can combine our used and new equipment knowledge and capability along with our project management expertise to provide solutions that work long term. Below we have included case studies to illustrate our capabilities in the material handling industry.


Case Study One

When one of our customers decided to relocate from one building to another in order to expand warehouse operations, we were there to ensure a seamless transition. In order to save money, the customer wanted to reuse as much of their existing pallet rack system as possible. The new facility had both taller ceilings and significantly more square footage than the current one, which posed the issue, what is the best way to take advantage of this new space?


After consulting with the customer, a Surplus Warehouse representative proposed mixing new and used materials to fit their needs. A timeline was developed that scheduled the installation in two distinct stages to allow the customer to continue serving their clients during the majority of the relocation process.

With the intention of maximizing the space of the new facility, taller upright frames and additional beams that were compatible with the customers’ current storage system were ordered. Once delivered, the new materials were assembled along with strategically selected pieces of the existing used system. This phase of the project allowed for enough storage space to relocate the majority of the customers’ products to the new facility and begin operations.


After the initial installation and relocation, The Surplus Warehouse proceeded to dismantle and relocate the remaining pallet racks as well as warehouse shelving and industrial shelving systems from the old facility to the new operation. The unused shorter uprights that would have diminished the usefulness of the taller ceiling heights at the new building were purchased by The Surplus Warehouse for resale to another customer.


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Our Case Studies
Illustrate What Makes The Surplus Warehouse Unique

Specialization in both used and new equipment

Used and new equipment knowledge and capability, along with project expertise to provide solutions that work long term


Case Study One Results

The Surplus Warehouse managed everything from labor and trucking to dismantling and freight, while the customer experienced substantial savings by reusing as much of the existing rack as possible and selling unwanted or unusable material.

Case Study Two

Another customer needed to close a 300,000 square foot regional distribution facility. Contracts were made with The Surplus Warehouse to purchase, dismantle, and remove the material handling systems in the closing facility. Systems included pallet racks, industrial shelving, a mezzanine, conveyors, as well as miscellaneous material handling equipment such as carts, pallet jacks, and rolling ladders. The client focused their energies on relocating inventory to other facilities and continuing to service their clients while The Surplus Warehouse managed the closing process at the facility.


Two issues that made this project unique were the time frame of the closure and the request for some of the existing material handling equipment by other distribution centers within the client organization. The client was presented with a sub-lease opportunity that required quick evacuation of the current facility. We arranged to work longer hours with multiple crews in order to meet the time constraints.


Knowing what equipment the other locations required, we sorted through the dismantled material, and found the best of the used equipment for reallocation, and packaged it for transportation. In addition to shipping the material we had purchased, we coordinated the shipment of the required equipment to the other corporate locations.

Case Study Two Results

The Surplus Warehouse completed the project by the deadline and saved the company from continued lease liabilities. The client got a clean swept floor in the old warehouse, and the other distribution centers were able to save money by reusing existing corporate assets. Needless to say, the company was more than happy with our efficient service. They were able to focus on their business knowing our portion of the closure process was under control.

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