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How to Measure
for Wire Mesh Decking

Below is a step by step guide for determining what size wire deck you need.


* Do you have step beams?

  • If you have step-beams you may use flared, waterfall, or drop-in style wire mesh decking. Please complete steps 1 - 3.
  1. Measure the depth of the upright frame
  2. Measure the length of the pallet rack beam
  3. Measure the channel (see diagram below)

How to measure for wire mesh decking


The above diagram is a side view of a section of pallet racking.  Measurement A refers to the out to out measurement of your upright frame (or the depth of your upright frame).  Measurement B refers to the inside to inside measurement between the two steps of your beams (commonly referred to as the channel size).


* Do you have box/structural beams?

  • If you have box or structural beams (i.e. pallets beams without a step or ledge), you will need flared or universal wire mesh decking. You do not need to find the channel measurement. Please complete steps 1 - 2.
  1. Measure the depth of the upright frame
  2. Measure the length of the pallet rack beam
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Advantages of Used Wire Deck

Enhances the versatility and safety of storage rack

Improves the efficiency of the complete rack system

Replaces wood or particleboard shelving

Reduces maintenance and installation time

Improves air circulation

Increases water penetration

Accumulates less dust

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